Hay Racks

Hay racks are a great alternative to hay nets for people who don't like to feed their horses from the floor. RJ Joinery stock a range of hay racks - from a traditional corner and wall hay rack, up to field feeder hay rack. Using hay racks as a form of feeding your horse has many benefits - Having your horses food on the wall - protects it from adverse weather, droppings and helps to keep your stables clean and tidy! It also enables you to monitor how much you are feeding your horse rather than scattering hay over the floor.

Your furry friend will be more than happy to get their feed from their very own rack!

Here is a brief overview of the racks we currently stock.

Traditional Wall Hay Rack

Heavily constructed from 12mm steel rod to give a lifetime's service. Hot dip galvanised - provides a very durable finish! H - 50cm, W - 76cm, D - 42cm.

Traditional Corner Hay Rack

Like our traditional wall hay rack, the corner rack is constructed from 12mm steel rod. Again, hot dip galvanised. H - 63cm, W - 86cm, D - 53cm.

Field or Portable Hay Rack

Ideal for feeding from fences and gates. Includes safety attatchment chain. The hooked back panel and hinged top panel add to an S14 (not included - order seperately). Hot dip galvanised. 

Field Feeder & Hay Rack

Heavy duty feeding station for external use. Designed for high volume multi animal use with a large hay rack above. Legs, posts and hay racks all fit inside feeder for delivery. Immensely strong welded construction, hot dip galvanised after manufacture. H - 196cm, W - 100cm, D - 120cm.

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