Coloured Ironmongery

Coloured Ironmongery is a new product we would like to present to you.

Nowadays most people like to personalise and style their surroundings according to their likes and preferences. So, we present an exciting new range of bright, colourful and contemporary stable and tack room hardware, specifically designed to appeal to the modern equestrian audience.

Why settle for just black or galvanised? If you want everything for your horses or ponies and stables to be in blue or pink, then why not the Ironmongery as well!

We have a wide range of different coloured Ironmongery, between:

  • Blue
  • Red
  • Green
  • Pink

The products we offer to you in the above-mentioned colours are:

2. Reversible Hinges, click here to view

3. Cranked Hook and Bands, click here to view

4. Kick Over Door Bolts, click here to view

5. Stall Guard Plate, click here to view

6. Tie Ring on Plate, click here to view

7. Heavy Brenton Padlocks Bolts, click here to view

You can use one specific colour to match a theme when you are building or refurbishing your stables or mix & match assorted colours to bring some life and fun to your stables and animals.

If you have any enquiries don’t hesitate to contact us at RJ Joinery by email: or phone: 01497 821100.