Stable Doors

The Stable Door

An integral part of your horses home!

RJ Joinery are proud to offer an extensive range of stable doors, supplied to fit into timber or brick built stables. In addition to a standard cuprinol treated, we offer a range of colours. Or, if you would like to prime and paint yourself, a clean finish is an option.

Top Quality

Hand-made by professional craftsmen in our UK workshop. A strong and robust door, lined with 12mm birch ply. Manufactured by screwing ledges and a brace onto 22mm planed, tongue and groove Scandinavian Redwood boarding. 

Most stable doors on the market are constructed using nails. Therefore, screwing gives us an advantage over our competitiors! Screws are a superior fastener and work better over time. Not only do they hold better, they have better control going in, and draw boards together. Because most nails have a shaft with no ridges, they rely on friction to work. A little shifting or normal expansion/contraction of wood - they will work their way out.

There's More!

Our doors come complete with heavy duty galvanised reversible hinges, padlock bolts, kick-over catch and keeper, cabin hooks and an anti-chew strip fitted to the top of the bottom door. 

Anti-weave grilles and additional galvanised sheeting are available as extras.