Multipurpose Store

Multipurpose Store

RJJoinery Services is proud to present a very new versatile product.

It’s a new small scale, high quality, timber building that can be used for many purposes, depending on customer’s requirements. We can manufacture it in custom made sizes, shapes and in any colour as well.

The Multipurpose Store is a very useful and practical building that can accommodate your every need:

  • You can use it as a Cycle Store to storage your bicycles and any equipment related;
  • As a Secure Mower Store;
  • As a Winter Storage for your patio chairs and parasol;
  • Or in a simpler form as a Compound Storage for bins, wellies or dust bins, to stop them from blowing with the wind;

Provided with security locks to keep your belongings and any valuable items safe, the Multipurpose Store can be tailored to your own requirements. The building is treated with a golden-brown treatment finish, as per our standard.

For more information, custom size or colours.

Please feel free to contact us with your requirements, call 01497 821100 or email: