RJ Joinery offer a wide range of stable mats, equimat, grass mat, cow matting, trailer mats and more. With over 20 years of experience in equestrian matting, we are confident in providing the best products and advice for any application.

Black Mat

Our 6ft x 4ft black mats are ideal for use in stables, providing a warm, safe and hygeinic flooring. Our popular, economic alternative to equimat stable mat. The black mat is a top quality, solid, rubber horse mat. A substantial 17mm thick mat with a 'hammertop' pattern on the top of mats which provide an anti-slip surface whilst being easy to sweep.

The underside is a series of grooves running the length of the mat. For a reasonable outlay you can fit your stable out with black mat, keeping your horse off the cold concrete floor, thus reducing the chance of injury whilst keeping your horse warm. With the savings on bedding material the black mat will quickly pay for itself, reducing mucking out times giving you more time to ride! This heavyweight mat is easy to lay and easy to cut to size. We supply and fit if required.


Equimat stable mats provide assured protection from concrete floors. Better protection against injuries. Reduced likelihood of the horse slipping or becomming cast. Better comfort increases the horses lying time and vital deep sleep periods. Equimat is available in two thicknesses - 20mm for everyday stabling and 28mm (super soft) for specialist areas like vetinary boxes, foaling boxes, heavy horses. Or for horses receiving treatment for athritis, laminitis and other such conditions. Other information, prices and samples are available on request.

You can view our full range of matting in the 'matting' section on our website.