The bale soaker is the perfect answer to animal health problems caused by hay dust and spores. Complete with chain to prevent the bale floating or falling out when draining, this hot dip galvanised steel construction is perfect.


1) Insert bale and clip over chain,

2) Fill with water and leave to soak (20-30 minutes is generally considered appropriate),

3) Tip on to front legs and allow partial drainage (just for a few seconds),

4) Tip right up on end and allow to drain thouroughly,

5) Lower back on to wheels and push to stables for dispensing . (Side cleat is for storing chain and hook).

Note: Mobility is not intended whilst full of water.

Tank Height - 43cm

Tank Width - 54cm

Tank Length - 115cm

Overall Height - 81cm

Overall Width - 80cm

Overall Length - 180cm