First ever soft saddle rack which actually supports the saddle's individual shape rather than hard contact - where it touches!

Stretched leather and indented padding are a thing of the past; the cost of a Saddle Softee is a fraction of reflocking!

The Black webbing fits over the curved front horn of the saddle rack and loops through at the rear.  Because velcro is used you can adjust the tension to suit the saddle.

Saddles can be put either way around. The parallel nars are perfect for seperately drying a numnah. When both saddle and numnah are on the rack there is an air gap in between promoting drying.

Easily detached webbing for washing. Curved sloping horn helps children guide the saddle on. Heavy duty steel construction, Stubbyfine coated in Red or Black. 

Height - 37cm

Length - 74cm

Width - 17cm

Stubbs Saddle Softee Saddle Rack