This building is our Timber framed garage to fit galvanised subframe of 80mm and is 30ft wide and 17ft deep with 2 pairs of garage doors to front each 10ft wide, The 3/4 ins sterling board linging internally to 8ft high.

The roofing of this building is a green metal anti-condensation lined roof sheets over ex 76 x 46mm stress graded purlins supported by gable trusses.

This building comes with our FLB garage doors (96ins x 84ins) they are Redwood treated framed ledged and braced and they come in a pair, fully equipped with heavy galvanised fittings of:

3no. 510mm (20') heavy duty reversible hinges 

1no. garage foot bolts

1no.chain bolt 

2no.100mm (4') wire cabin hook