20 arms means 20 rugs displayed in less than 1.25 square metres floor space! Similar height to our highly popular S9111 Rug Master Moblie and uses exactly the same arms and main back frames. However it offers a different way to display rugs. Many buyers only look at the front half of the rug when shopping, so why display the back? Simply fold the back half under the front, 10 above and a further 10 below! Brilliant space saving and compellingly impressive presentation. Inspired by one of England's leading retailers. Shops or trade shows; this is going to be seen! Mounted on 4 smooth swivelling 60mm castors, two are fitted with brakes. Six piece slot together frame; flat packs for easy assembly and shipping - Spanners required for castors only. Supplied in shrink wrapped packs for easy handling and delivery. Bright zinc plated, heavy duty, steel frame and 20 arms (identical to those of our trusted S91 5 arm Rug Rack).