The sliding door is manufactured using a framed, ledged and braced (FLB) structure where all horizontal members of the bracing are morticed into the uprights where they are then glued and dowelled together. 22mm x 125mm planed tongue and groove redwood boarding are fixed to the ledgers and braces, there is also an expansion gap in the uprights to allow the tongue and groove boarding to "breathe" in all weathers. 

Once manufactured, the door is then treated in our preserving tank with a solvent based golden brown treatment. 

This is door is not supplied with any ironmongery or sliding door gear, as this is decided by your requirements, which can vary significantly. 

A typical single door will require the following:

  • Tracking (Q3000/Q3001)
  • 2no. Wooden Door Hangers (Q3010/Q3011)
  • Wall Brackets (Q3030/Q3031)
  • 2no. Stop End Clips (Q3040/Q3041)
  • 1no. Bow Handle Spring Bolt (Q1730)
  • 2no. Galvanised D-Handles (Q1740)
  • 1no. Swivel Locking Bar (Q1750)

And Either:

  • 2+ Roller Guides (Q3090/Q3091/Q4000/Q4001)


  • A Length of "U" channel which we we machine into the bottom of the door
  • A length of angle iron which you embed into the concrete. 


Any questions?  Just call us on 01497 821 100 or email us and we will be pleased to help you.