The Up & Over is a combined mounting block and jumping pole block - a masterful design wiith practical appeal.  

Based on the successful 2 step Mountie (S521), this 3 step version is perfect for getting on the larger horse or schooling by yourself.

Shallow cuts moulded into both sides of all three steps allow the creation of a training triple jump.

Get off, rebuild jump, and remount!

Simple rope handle on both sides for easy, lightweight handling  Simple to nest, it also has a slip rsistant surface.  Stubbythene super tough moulding.  Available in 5 colours - Dark Red, Blue, Green, Pink or Yellow.

The Stubbs logo is moulded in for consumer confidence.

Please note that these are sold individually and you will need to have two Up & Over blocks to create a jump

Pair of Stubbs S523 Up & Over blocks used for a horse jump

S523 Stubbs Up & Over Stacked