What an incredible idea!  A means to light your remote stable, tackroom, garage, shed or workshop without mains electricity!

The Bedazzled 12v Power Torch comes with 2 high brightness Bulkhead Lights but you can increase the light level by adding Bulkhead Lights.

Each Bulkhead Light comes with a 5 metre interconnection cable which is then connected to the previous Bulkhead Light

You simply install the Bulkhead Lights at suitable positions in the area, and connect them to the Power Torch via the integral power socket.

When you leave, just unplug the torch and take it with you, leaving no battery or solar panels etc to be stolen or vandalised!  

When you get home you simply recharge the torch with the mains adaptor provided ready for the next day.  

The torch on its own can give up to 45 hours continuous use via 9 ultra bright LEDs.

6 hours running time for 2 high brightness Bulkhead Lights

4 hours running time for 3 high brightness Bulkhead Lights

3 hours running time for 4 high brightness Bulkhead Lights

2.5 hours running time for 5 high brightness Bulkhead Lights

2 hours running time for 6 high brightness Bulkhead Lights

Extra Bulkhead Lights will reduce useable hours proportionally