This building is a 27ft wide x 20ft deep carport/workshop with four oak posts with gallows brackets. This building comes with square line guttering although depending on slate size quanity,The building is finished off with  our sliding garage doors on double track, they are manufactured using framed, ledged and braced (FLB)structure where all horizontal members of the bracing are morticed into uprights and are glued and dowelled together, once made they are treated in our preserving tank with a solvent based golden brown treatment.


Slates supplied by customer, trusses increased to 600mm centre on a 25/30-degree apex roof 112mm square lined guttering.

Front & Back Panels 

Ex 76 x 46mm stress graded c16 studwork with 100 x 19mm tongue and grove shiplap cladding fixed with passivated ring shank nails and treated after manufacture with wood preserver 

Rear & Gable End Panels 

Made as per fronts but without openings and all panels are bolted to each other top middle and bottom then they are bolted to concrete base supplied by others.