This is building is design for keeping goats, the building is 34ft by 15ft with a metal corrugated roof that comes with anti-condensation lining which is nailed to an ex 76 x 46mm stress graded purlins & trusses and lined to 4ft with 18mm OSB boarding with 3ft wide x 6ft 6inch high stable door in each gable end. Inside the shed there is a sick bay which we have used full height internal panels to create 8ft x 6ft along with an 8ft x 6ft milking area finished off with bottom half stable doors, fitted with 80mm x 80mm steel subframe. Throughout the building we have placed 6 windows that are side hung with Perspex glazing in a hay loft door style inside 838mm x 1143mm wide. Building is 4ft internal with 18mm OSB. Also, we offer 112mm black square line guttering.