We are happy to make your stable door in Oak.

If this is an option you would like, please contact us to discuss your requirements.  

Call us on 01497 821 100 or email us at info@rjjoinery.com.  We will be pleased to help you.

We can also make tack room doors & garage doors in Oak

Oak Door Frames available to suit

This Oak door will be supplied with the following galvanised fittings:

  • 4 no. Heavy Duty Reversible Hinges
  • 2 no. Padlock Bolts
  • 2 no. Wire Cabin Hooks
  • 1 no. Kick-over Bolt
  • 1 no. Standard Anti-Chew Strip fitted to the top of the bottom door

Please note that the Oak stable door shown has bespoke bottom door chewstripping extended at the front.  We can provide metal protection for your stable doors to suit your requirements.