Garages & Carports

From reading our previous blog posts you may learn a lot of our energy is focussed on equestrian goods and timber buildings for animals. However, this is certainly not the case. A large proportion of our business comes in the form of garages & carports. We cater for the car enthusiast looking to keep their pride and joy, safe, secure or simply protected from the elements! RJ Joinery design and manufacture garages & carports to our customers specifications. Below you can find more information and images of our garages.

Garage - The double garage above is manufactured using 3" x 2" studwork and v-jointed redwood shiplap cladding before being treated with a solvent based golden brown treatment. The garage doors are framed, ledged and braced with galvanised ironmongery, with guttering fitted to both sides. Designs can vary to suit your individual requirements with windows, doors and ventilators in your preferred position.  We can undertake all aspects of the work from start to finish of your project! 

Carport - A covered structure designed to store any vehicle. Offers less protection than garage but allows more ventilation. The structure can either be free standing or attatched to an existing building. 

The carport photgraphed above is constructed from an oak frame, with a rustic softwood store room - ideal home for your pressure washer and cleaning kit! Materials, sizes and layout is entirely up to you - the customer! For a free, no obligation quote - please contact us.

Garages can be incorporated into buildings designed for a number of purposes. This specific building has a garage, laundry room and utility room. It has been constructed using feather edged boarding to the exterior and a clay tile roof as opposed to a standard redwood shiplap building with an onduline roof.

Aside from our standard finishes and this alternative, we can also offer a log-effect tongue in groove cladding, or, any other finishes you have in mind are open to discussion. 

Roofing options - We offer corrugated onduline in 3 colours and translucent, shingle tile effect (again 3 colours), steel profile cladding and slate or clay tiles. Again, this can all be discussed with us when requesting more information or a quote. 

As well as all of our stand-alone buildings, we offer an option of adjoining timber buildings. This lean to double garage has been attatched to the existing stone walls of the cottage. RJ Joinery have manufactured this garage with sliding doors - installed onto double tracking to allow one door to slide behind the other, alleviating any safety issues of the wind blowing a door open or shut. 

Any questions regarding our garages or carports? Just call us on 01497 821 100 or email We are happy to help!