A very common problem horse owners often experience is chewing of stables, fences and gates - mainly down to frustration and the boredom of being closed in the majority of the time. If they run out of food they will look for something else to chew. Doors, door linings and edges of your stables are more than conveinent. It is best to stop your horse from chewing as not only does it spoil your stable, it can also damage the horses mouth and teeth. The most effective way of preventing chewing is covering problem areas with metal strips. 


We offer a solution in the form of our stable metal protection! Available for your stable, fence and gates!


From a top door strip to a fully protected stable door - we are more than happy to cater to your needs! We stock all standard size chewstrips. The metal doesn't only prevent horses from chewing, it adds extra protection against adverse weather. 


Custom Sizes Available!

If you can't find the metal protection you require on our website; fear not! We are able to manufacture to specific dimensions and angles. Getting a quote for your required sizes has never been easier! Simply download an enquiry form HERE and email it accross to us. You are likely to hear from us within 24 hours. 


With a bit of browsing, you can discover we don't stop at door chewstrips. We also stock frame chew-strips, wall pipe guards, corner pipe guards and general purpose metal protection. Our full range can be found in the 'Metal Protection' section of our website. If you require assistance with your order - do not hesitate to get in touch. We are here to help!