Talk Grilles

Designed to be built into dividing stable walls with a strong construction in galvanised finish. They are great for preventing boredom! Allowing your horse to interact and see their neighbours! Below you can see a range of grilles available on our website.

1220mm x 762mm High (48" x 30") Heavy Duty Internal Grid 22mm bars. Hot dipped galvanised (Pictured above)

Constructed using 12mm solid bar at 95mm spacings with a 23mm flat surround. Pre-drilled for easy fixing. (Pictured above)

Available in 3 sizes:

  • 700mm x 460mm
  • 1067mm x 762mm
  • 1829mm x 762mm

Top Door Grilles

Used as an alternative to a top stable door. A top door grille helps to prevent your horse from chewing and looks fantastic! They are easily removable from the plastic sockets. With these top door grilles your horse is able to see out, whilst being contained when your stables are in a narrow passage.

Universally used, these are wonderfully effective. Instantly removable from the Stubbyfine coated sockets they can also be interchanged with Top Door Grilles and Mesh Grilles. We recommend attaching sockets with bolts. Strong construction of, 12mm rod and flat steel. Hot dip galvanised. (Infill Not Included)

Also available in 3 sizes:

  • 890mm (w) x 610mm (h)
  • 1040mm (w) x 760mm (h)
  • 1170mm (w) x 760mm (h)

Matching simple drop-in section of galvanised steel construction. To suit above Anti-Weaver Grille.